brand story

[For natural beauty with Chinese makeup]

TIMAGE is a make-up brand for Asians launched by Chinese make-up artist Tang Yi. . Emphasizing the natural beauty of Asian women, it expresses the brand concept of “natural beauty with Chinese makeup” .

Based on the brand concept of “natural beauty with Chinese makeup”, we create makeup products that combine practicality and artistry to suit Asian skin, and support all women to demonstrate their natural beauty. there is

Tang Yi has done make-up for hundreds of popular Chinese actresses such as Zhang Ziyi, Liu Yifei, and Zhao Liying. Also works as an up consultant. His 20 years of makeup career can be said to be 20 years of Chinese makeup growth.

Tang Yi believes that the unique beauty of Asian women should be displayed, and supports all Asian women to acquire makeup and cosmetics that suit them.

Realize the beauty of each Asian woman with “Chinese makeup”.

Therefore, through research on Chinese aesthetics, he incorporated the aesthetic sense of "white space" advocated by Chinese aesthetics into makeup techniques, and in 2010 launched a makeup brand called TIMAGE.

Sparse but not empty, full but not overflowing. It has just the right amount of dimension and highlights the “natural beauty” of each Asian woman.

We are working to make makeup items and techniques more practical, integrate makeup and people, and make makeup useful for people.

We create high-performance makeup items that look good on Asian women and express their beauty.

brand proposition

craftsman's heart

With the heart of professionals and craftsmen

Creating a makeup item system that suits Asian women

Continually create and refine a makeup item system that suits Asian women


Original "margin" technique

Supporting each woman to easily realize her own makeup

Integration of makeup and person

Easy technique and high performance items

Make your facial features stand out through make-up and realize the unification of make-up and people.

natural beauty

chinese aesthetics

The key is to combine the comp set of 'atmosphere' of traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern beauty sense.

full of confidence

Have a respectful and tolerant attitude towards all women and encourage them to express their own beauty