TIMAGE Highlight Sharding Palette

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TIMAGE Highlight Sharding Palette

About this product
  • [Shadow/Highlight 3-color set] The soft shade is a natural gray-brown tone that creates a three-dimensional outline. Pearl Highlight is a gorgeous shimmering champagne color that blends naturally with the skin and gives it a glossy look. Matte Highlight is a beige tone that fills in blemishes and brightens inner contours to make your face look more youthful.
  • [Create natural makeup] TIMAGE's three-color palette is made of thin fabric that does not mix when layered and is easy to adjust, making it easy for beginners to handle. In addition, the fine powder blends easily with the skin and does not collapse over time, so you can keep your skin beautiful for a long time.
  • [For Brevet and Yebe] Shadows is a natural gray-brown tone that suits all Asian skin tones. Matte highlights are white to match your skin, so you can create uniform and transparent makeup.
  • [Variety of uses] Lightly apply the shadow to the cheekbones, jawline, outline, side of the nose, and eye socket to shrink the contour. Applying a matte highlighter to fine lines, nasolabial folds, dullness in the corners of the mouth, forehead, temples, etc. will improve hollowness. Pearl highlights brighten areas such as cheeks, nose bridge, mouth, and chin, giving the skin a glossy look.

Product description

[Hypoallergenic method]

TIMAGE highlight shading palette is hypoallergenic as it is preservative-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

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