TIMAGE Concealer Palette

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About this product
  • [Grateful chocolate-like texture, sticks to the skin] It has a sticky raw chocolate-like texture and is fresh and has excellent adhesion to the skin, so it blends naturally with the skin.
  • [All covers a variety of skin problems] An orange concealer that perfectly covers skin problems around the eyes. With a combination of 3 basic shades, it completely covers a variety of skin problems such as light acne, uneven skin tone, acne scars, brown spots, and moles.
  • [Retains for 8 hours] The powder contained in the concealer absorbs sebum and creates a mesh-like film to increase the adhesion to the skin. Formulated with powder with low moisture permeability, it moisturizes the skin, but does not ruin the makeup.
  • [For brevet] You can freely choose the color according to your skin tone. No. 02 is for brevet, and you can freely combine three basic shades in one palette according to your skin tone.
  • [With finger puff] Can be used both wet and dry. It fits perfectly on your fingertips and can be used like a finger to perfectly cover skin problems.

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