TIMAGE Concealer Pencil Covers Smile Lines Golgo Lines (02 Cream Beige)

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TIMAGE Concealer Pencil Covers Smile Lines Golgo Lines (02 Cream Beige)

About this product
  • [Pinpoint coverage of skin problems] Pinpoint coverage of blemishes, acne scars, redness around the nose, etc.
  • [Create perfect makeup] Creates beautiful eyebrows and brightens the bottom of the eyebrows to create a three-dimensional look. Corrects the contour of the lips to create a three-dimensional lip.
  • [Contains moisturizing ingredients] Contains chamomile and ginseng root extract for a smooth texture.
  • [Cream Beige] For Yebe. You can draw a tear bag.
  • [Easy to use] The cap with pencil type and sharpener makes it easy to use by pinpointing your skin concerns.

Product description

[Texture like raw chocolate]

It's smooth and has just the right amount of hardness, so it feels good on the skin, doesn't break easily, and blends naturally with your skin.

[Matte effect & long-lasting color]

· Formulated with an oil ingredient that has a moderate sealing property to make the skin look matte.

· It also contains plant extracts that are effective in moisturizing, giving moisture, suppressing makeup deterioration due to sebum and sweat, and keeping the color for a long time.

[Contains moisturizing ingredients]

· Chamomile extract Moisturizes the skin, soothes inflammation, and evens out skin tone

Korean ginseng root extract Excellent moisturizing power, protects skin from dryness and makes it soft

"Cover blemishes, acne scars, and create clean skin"

Choose a color that matches your skin tone, apply a small amount at a time, and use the ultra-fine core to pinpoint your skin concerns. Dot it and press it with your finger to blend it into the skin.

"Covering Golgo lines and nasolabial folds for a firmer impression"

Lightly draw on the dents with a pencil and tap it with your finger to blend it in, improving the sagging of the face and giving it a firm and youthful impression.

"Fix the details and create the perfect make-up"

“Brighten the tear bag and draw a mine line” By brightening the tear bag and the lower eyelid triangular zone, you can create a mine make-up and make your eyes look naturally bigger.

"Fix the eyebrows and make the bottom of the eyebrows look brighter" The eyebrows can be neatly trimmed and the bottom of the eyebrows can be brightened to create a three-dimensional look.

“Correcting the contour of the lips” By brightening the corners of the mouth and correcting the contour of the lips, you can create three-dimensional lips.

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