TIMAGE 4-color eyeshadow palette eyeshadow matte

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About this product
  • [Low-saturation color scheme] The approximate color scheme allows you to freely combine colors, making it easy to use, and is especially recommended for beginners who want to create elegant natural makeup. A set of 4 low-saturation colors that blend well with Yeve and Brevet skin.
  • [Eyeshadow and cheek in one palette] Create a natural gradation with cheek, eye base, eye tightening color, and glitter in one palette to create an impressive eye with a three-dimensional effect even in the mask era. It can be realized.
  • [Different textures, fine powder does not fly] The set includes different textures such as matte, pearl, delicate glitter, and glitter, and the fine powder spreads easily and does not become cloudy even when layered several times.
  • [Lame Features] Contains magic mica that can change color depending on the light, giving it a different sheen depending on the angle. The transparent glass beads are also added to increase the glossiness.
  • [Attention to design] The package with a flower motif is decorated with a three-dimensional flower pattern relief. A perfect gift for your relatives and friends. The mirror and brushes are arranged for ease of use, making it ideal for retouching makeup while going out or commuting.

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