TMAGE Makeup Base Sebum Shine Prevention Base Primer Makeup Base Pore Base 40ml Oily Skin

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About this product
  • [For smooth matte skin and pore unevenness cover] Immediately absorbs excess sebum and forms a film on the skin to create a natural matte finish. Covers uneven pores with a soft focus effect for smooth skin.
  • [Long-term oil control and prevention of makeup loss] After the makeup base forms a film on the skin, the film continues to absorb excess sebum secreted on the skin, so sebum and makeup oils such as foundation are mixed. Effectively suppresses makeup collapse due to oxidation.
  • [Makeup lasting test] According to a professional makeup test, the tester using TIMAGE makeup base only produces 60% oil after 8 hours, and the amount of sebum on the face is greatly reduced.
  • [Refreshing texture, non-sticky] The light texture prevents stuffiness and pimples, making it suitable for men. By immediately applying a film to the skin, it creates a smooth and clean skin, and the color does not transfer even when the mask is applied.
  • [Good stretch] The soft texture spreads well. The hygienic pump type is easy to push and the amount is easy to adjust.

Product description

[Immediately matte skin]

As soon as you put it on your face, it absorbs sebum and creates a smooth matte skin.

It is hard to powder and realizes long-lasting makeup.

[Long lasting makeup]

The film-forming agent contained in the makeup base blends into the skin, creating a fine protective film. In this way, you can not only increase the adhesion of the foundation and create beautiful skin, but also prevent the makeup from collapsing due to sebum.

[Invisible oil blotting paper]

According to a professional makeup test, testers using TIMAGE makeup base after 8 hours,

Only 60% oil comes out, greatly reducing the amount of sebum on your face.

Note: Contains sebum-adsorbing powder to control sebum secretion and prevent makeup from coming off. For those with very oily skin, it is recommended to spread evenly over the entire face. For people with other skin types (mixed skin, etc.), it is recommended to apply it on the areas where sebum is particularly likely to appear (T-zone, nostrils), and then apply face powder, etc. on other areas where sebum does not appear much.

1. After skin care, take 1-2 pumps and apply evenly along the skin texture.

2. After applying foundation to each part, press down with a makeup sponge.

3. Create a perfect base makeup by using face powder/makeup keep mist.

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